Take a step back…

Peek Into the Past

There’s something wonderfully nostalgic… enchanting… mysterious… about owning something from long ago.

Take a step back into history – embrace a wonderful memory…

Here, you’ll find an eclectic, intriguing mix of antiques and collectibles lovingly curated through decades of devoted searching.

Whether it’s a farmhouse treasure, or a nostalgic momento that stirs a cozy, sentimental feeling, you’re sure to discover it in our antique boutique.

At Charlotte’s Cozy Cottage, we’re known for our vast collection of vintage chenille, and that’s what our emphasis is on – so much that we’ve designed an entire site dedicated to it: SimplyChenille.com!

Owing a piece of the past is bewitching – by peeking into yesteryear, you’ll feel the magic the past can stir to life…

…and that’s the secret of Charlotte’s Cozy Cottage.


More About Charlotte's Cozy Cottage...

cottage & Farmhouse Decor

From Charlotte’s Cozy Curtains to vintage chenille rugs and retro kitchen and bath towels, our hand-selected pieces will add a nostalgic essence to your special space.

Curated Collectibles

Our treasures have found their way to cozy cottages, old farmhouses and private collections; they’ve appeared on film sets and in theater, and have been showcased in museum exhibits.

Simply Chenille

Chenille is what we’re known for – our brand new sister site, Simply Chenille, is your one stop source for everything vintage chenille – robes, bedspreads, fabrics & more.

It's Been A Long, Long Time...

There’s something wonderfully nostalgic about owning a piece of the past. We all have favorite memories that we cherish…and when we’re lucky enough to find a piece of history that means something special to us, our memories become so much more deeper and meaningful.

The original inspiration for our boutique was taken from the immensely popular WWII song, “It’s Been a Long, Long, Time.” The lyrics greeted a returning loved home from the war…

And it’s been a long, long time since many of the treasures we offer were made.

Every piece we offer, from the most opulent vintage chenille bedspread, to a whimsically sweet pair of vintage floral curtains – has been lovingly hand-selected.

Rekindle the memories. Reminisce…and turn back the hands of time for just a little bit…



“A thing of beauty is a joy forever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.”

-John Keats