T H E  ∙ S H O R T  ∙ S T O R Y

img-2277.jpgCharlotte’s Cozy Cottage specializes in sales and procurement of heirloom quality antique and vintage textiles, with an emphasis on chenille. Our enchanted cottage is filled with treasures that we love sharing with others who appreciate these special pieces of the past as much as we do.

Our focus is primarily B2B, supplying the film industry and craft/design houses with costume pieces and period textiles, from original and handmade robes and bedspreads to hand-selected premium quilt squares for custom projects. We also work with private collectors, museums, and historical societies.

We blend our expertise in color and design with a passion for history to give these important pieces of our textile history the attention they deserve.

Our own collection is extensive, having been amassed over several generations. This provides us a unique opportunity to source from a large, one of a kind selection of true vintage and antique materials which we can then offer to you.


T H E  ∙  L O N G  ∙ S T O R Y

img-2240.jpgSubmerged in Vintage Chenille…

For those of us who are chenille fanatics, it didn’t happen overnight.

Vintage chenille gradually eased into our lives. One of our first vintage chenille bedspreads was just a basic one with the traditional flower basket gracing its length, overflowing with bright, delightful flowers.

One Chenille Bedspread is NEVER Enough. Never.

That spread was so darn pretty we searched for another…and another…and another. Soon familiar names began visiting the house. One day Morgan Jones showed up. A week later Retrac invited herself in. Then Bates came along. Hofmann arrived, too, but she could never remember how to spell her name. Her friends call her Hoffmann or Hofman, but she doesn’t seem to mind!

A whole lot of other anonymous chenille friends showed up, too. They were orphans – or maybe lost their identification tags years ago – so we adopted them. Pretty soon our chenille visitors asked for their own room.

That worked for a little while.

img-1000.jpgThere’s Always More Room for More Chenille. (Of course).

The small spare back room turned into a chenille cache. At first, basic shelving held our bulging chenille treasures. But so many gorgeous and elegant plush vintage bedspreads arrived that the small shelves were quickly sunk by the weight of the chenille heavyweights.

So the bedspreads quickly spilled out into our home….under the bed, on closet floors and shelves, topping couches and flipped over backs of chairs.

Having an old 1870’s home that’s pretty big and spacious, we hadn’t really given it a thought as to where we’d house all our new chenille friends. When closets became cramped, when the under-the-bed capacity was soon filled and hidden by generous dust ruffles, we started bedspread layering. Four or five chenille bedspreads per bed became the norm.  That was fantastic during the winter months, but summer time required a new strategy.

The vintage chenille bedspreads that now occupied every room (except the bathroom, so far) decided that the basement was the next place for guests. Sturdy steel shelving lined with soft flannel sheets helped the over-capacity crowding. A dehumidifier made life really cozy for them!

img-1166.jpgThe Forecast? A Snowstorm of Vintage Chenille.

But alas, ‘twas not for long that organization was the rule in our home.  On a daily basis, even though the basement is home to an extended vintage chenille bedspread family, even though spreads are in closets, under beds, over couches and chairs, there’s new arrivals on the dining room table or on the desk in the family room.

And the sewing room? You had to ask.

Yikes, it always looks like it’s snowing in there.  When you cut chenille, fluffs and tufts are everywhere.  And like the mud the dog gets on his paws and carries through the entire house, chenille tufts are like that, too. They find their way anywhere – and everywhere.

That means you need a helluva vacuum cleaner. So, we’ve got two – one for the first floor, one for the second. Plus one more that rules the basement. Oftentimes I’ve thought of writing to the vacuum cleaner companies, telling them to have a chenille rating system. Never mind bragging that the vacuum can lift dog hair with ease. If it can lift thousands of chenille tufts, it’s a winner.

poodle-robe-1.jpgIt’s Not “just” Chenille – It’s a Collection of Comfort.

It may sound messy to some, but it’s really an organized collection of comfort. We love our vintage chenille – the variety of colors and textures is fantastic. And for those of us chenille connoisseurs, we can almost feel the love the previous owner had for the bedspread.

I guess that makes us sounds crazy.

But all of us chenille fanatics, hoarders or addicts or whatever it is folks label us, we’re ok with being called that.

In fact, we’re used to it.

And proud of it!